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community advocate



Hi, my name is Caitlin

I am a highly experienced creative placemaking artist who is passionate about empowering and uniting communities through public art.

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I'm an artist and community advocate who has worked across the world; from children's hospitals to international theatre companies, to grassroots organisations and public institutions, I facilitate projects that empower under-represented and under-resourced people.


I am an experienced applied theatre practitioner and have created and led workshops and projects with people of all ages and abilities internationally. I facilitate the creation of dynamic and interactive public spaces that engage and inspire communities; the work that I do centres on social justice issues like affordable housing, community cohesion and the climate crisis, and is collaborative and participant-led. 


My body of work extends across a broad range of art forms including devised performances, puppetry, large-scale installation, film and digital media, applying these and other creative approaches to deliver collaborative community artworks and installations, in line with the group vision. My passion for reclaimed materials and sustainable practices allows me to create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally conscious. 

I facilitate, direct, write, edit, make and perform as a freelance artist, and currently work with the Bureau of Silly Ideas on their heritage and community programmes.


I am the current chairperson of Save The Warehouses, a resident-led campaign fighting for the protection of communities living in North London's unique warehouse district. 

Collabrations include: The Science Museum Group (UK), The Natural History Museum (UK), Collective Encounters (UK), Punchdrunk Enrichment (UK), The Bureau of Silly Ideas (UK), SPID Theatre (UK), Imaginary Theatre (AUS), Commonwealth Games Festival (AUS), Brisbane Powerhouse (AUS), QLD Museum (AUS), The Arts Space for Kids (CHINA).

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© Caitlin Strongarm 2022

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