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The Nomad

A moving micro theatre in the back of a panel van.


The Nomad Travelling Theatrette is a tiny vaudevillian theatre nestled into the back of a red 1996 Ford Longreach panel van. It facilitates intimate storytelling experiences and can drive to wherever audiences are - invigorating public spaces, getting art to remote communities and schools, and activating festival precincts. In 2017 a residency was held for diverse artists to create and present work in the Nomad.

A variety of shows play out in, on and around the van – audience members may be invited inside for some interactive theatre, they may crowd around the back doors for a puppet show, or they may peek through the windows for an intimate performance.

The Nomad Travelling Theatrette certainly pulls a crowd. Fully operational with its own source of sound and lighting, the van is able to play as an outdoor pre-show to an existing performance, become the stage for a variety show, host performances of others, or play out one of the myriad of tiny shows built specifically to play in the van.

The Nomad Travelling Theatrette is currently garaged in QLD, Australia.

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