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The Seahorse

The Seahorse was originally created as part of the PAN Shanghai “What Trash Are You?” Artistic Residency at Yell Space in Shanghai’s M50 art park, in conjunction with the International Climate Change Theatre Action Festival.


Inspired by Justin Hofman’s ‘Seahorse‘ photograph highlighting the tragedy of pollution in the world’s oceans, The Seahorse has been created using 100% reclaimed materials – materials that could otherwise have washed into the sea. Sourcing all materials directly from rubbish bins and street corners in Shanghai, these materials have been left with identifying features of what they once were – water bottles and plastic bags can be recognised in the construction of the puppet, giving a nod to how these disposable plastics now affect our earths ecosystems and also the beauty than can be created from ‘useless’ objects given a second life.

seahorse JH.jpg
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