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Puppets created specifically for underwater performance

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These puppets were created as prototype puppets for a larger-scale development of underwater puppetry work. The prototype puppet designs and manipulation were explored in the creation of a short film for the Bristol 48 hour Puppet Film Challenge, which was subsequently selected for screening at the Art Walk Porty: All At Sea international film night.



FILM NIGHT (Projection, Sun 18th Oct, 8-9.30pm)
Location: Harbour Wall, Pipe Street

“Sailors are good at connecting fast and helping each other because (they) know what it is to be in trouble at sea.”
Susan Smillie, living alone on a boat for 3 years ‘Living alone in the wild’
The Guardian, 4 Apr 2020

A visual portrayal celebrating our seas, oceans and waters, with a collection of silent film shorts & archive material, taking the wild sea as a metaphor for recent uncertain times, and exploring ideas for environmental change.

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