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I believe that communities change the world, that a sense of belonging is critical for humanity, and that experiential art is a powerful conduit for social change.

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I’m Caitlin; anti-capitalist artist and community organiser.

I help to tell stories of people and place through art, experiences and interaction; using puppetry, installation and non-verbal performance to empower communities to create, collaborate and take collective action. I see art as an accessible experience; a tool for social engagement and empowerment to build communities through shared creative activism. I create process-based, community-led arts projects to celebrate and play while fostering collaboration, kindness,

personal agency and collective power.

Omega Works Together

Heritage Film made with the community of the Harringay Warehouse District

Shadow Puppetry - 2023


Climate awareness film made with young participants at SPID Theatre

Stop Motion - 2021

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Campaign Organiser for

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Projects and Community for

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